Autumn Dynasty

Real Time Strategy (RTS) for iPad/iPhone and Blackberry z10!

It is time to blow the pigs away!

Unify the lands and become the ultimate ruler!


Autumn Dynasty RTS is temporarily free!

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords, our sequel to Autumn Dynasty, is being launched next week, and to celebrate, we’re releasing Autumn Dynasty free for a week before reverting back to our original price of USD6.99 ( it will be free from now till the 26th of February).

Our contract with our publisher has ended and the game is now under Touch Dimensions (us, the developers!)

For everyone who has purchased the game, the app is free for this limited period in order for you to transition over. Please download this version of the app so you can receive new updates as we will be unable to support the old version in the future.

This promotion is possible thanks to your support, and there are NO ads and NO purchases in the game.

It is also a good time to share the game with friends who haven’t had the chance to try out the game yet – while it’s still free! Hopefully, we can build up a larger multiplayer community with more players on board! Multiplayer matches gives us the chance to discover witty opponents and outfox the new friends that we meet there! It also provides for a larger variety of tactical styles and strategies in addition to battles that are fought by the AI.

Autumn Dynasty RTS is different from Autumn Dynasty Warlords and you can check out info on Warlords here!

Autumn Dynasty RTS is available at the App Store.




Autumn Dynasty’s disappearance from the Appstore

Some of you may have noticed Autumn Dynasty’s disappearance from the Appstore. Hold on to your hats though, as we’ve taken it down for a few weeks in preparation for a promotion that will be launched along with ADWarlords!

Keep a lookout folks!

Photos; and the long road to Android success.

Yesterday welcomed a breakthrough in our Android efforts!!! 

Like a toddler who goes around parading their first fallen tooth, we are in a moment of excitement, sharing more photos for you to check out!



Did you find Autumn’s user interface fast to learn and easy to use? The Android version will have the similar tutorial system – call us confident but we know that you’ll find this interface intuitive, interactive, and engaging!

The process of adding audio into the Android game is difficult and much more complex than adding it to the iOS versions. Admit it – you got an eargasm when listening to Autumn’s music. We want to let our Android gamers experience this too! So, one of the current challenges we’re encountering is to add in and then adjust the sound.

We’re also working on changing the speed of the game – the speed of attack and movement of troop is still quite fast.


Feature on BlackBerry App World

It’s been some time now since the launch of Autumn Dynasty on Blackberry World and we’re happy to announce that WE’RE BEING FEATURED!

This would not have been possible without all that positive feedback from everyone!

BB sale carousel image
The team is euphoric and so we’re sharing our love for you guys–we’re releasing a content patch that unlocks 3 new scenarios; and that includes fixes for the bugs that you guys have pointed out. These are the new scenarios: Chu-Han Contention, Winter Passing, and Eternal Circle.

At the same time, the app will undergo a price drop to USD 2.99 (that’s 40%) from today (4th) to 14th July 2013 – this will be a great time to grab the game if you don’t already have it. We are hoping that you might help spread word of the game with friends who are also using BB Z10 devices. If we have enough folks playing, we might be able to set up a multiplayer server!

Let us knowif you have further suggestions. ^_^

You can watch the Autumn Dynasty’s Blackberry trailer here
or check out the Autumn Dynasty site for tips, discussions and info on downloading the game.

We’re featured on Blackberry Roll

Featured at BB World

3 months age, we launched  Autumn on the Blackberry world and it’s been an awesome adventure so far.

We’d like to thank the BB dev relations team for the support they have given us and of course, the gamers using the BB platform too!! Much would not have been possible without the BB dev relations team’s help.

Note that the game was published on BB World under our company name – Touch Dimensions. This really reminds us of woes that are encountered when distributing your game via a publisher. Ahh. This shall be covered in another post.

Going back to the topic, we’d really like to celebrate our being featured. So, BB users. Something will be coming your way soon!

If you haven’t already gotten the game, grab it at