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Who we are
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Touch Dimensions Interactive is a multi-award winning developer of computer games. We employ hardware and software technology in innovative ways to provide interactive experiences that will enhance people’s lives and gaming experiences. We believe that a game company’s strength lies in its intellectual property (IP)— which defines our core goal of being able to develop strong and internationally recognized content.

With a passionate and award-winning design and development team, we make games that run on a variety of platforms and devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, PC, Surface and an array of smart-phones.

Our Story

After the positive attention that Autumn Dynasty received from its PC version, both founders decided to launch the game on the iOS platform.  Touch Dimensions was thus founded in 2009 when both founders agreed to loan their personal equipment to develop the iOS version. Mouths went unfed as the team struggled to push a better version of Autumn (as the team calls it) out.

Within the next few months, we fulfilled several Microsoft contracts, and delivered a Brain
Computer Interface game for the treatment of children suffering from attention deficit hyperactive
disorder. An initial release of the lite version of “Totem Star” garnered 35,000 downloads in the
first four months of release, while Autumn Dynasty won awards in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

In February 2014, we launched Autumn Dynasty: Warlords and are now aiming to get it onto Steam Greenlight. Touch Dimensions will also be introducing an expansion to the Autumn Dynasty series – Autumn Dynasty: Insurrection.