Friday afternoon is usually reserved for games, a time where we drop our developer hat, and put on the gamer hat.

Today we are playing Bang, it is a wild west card game where everyone is given a random role – Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Outlaws, and Renegade.

With the exception of the Sheriff, all other players’ roles are hidden. The objective of the outlaws is to kill the sheriff; the sheriff, and his deputies to kill the outlaws and renegade; and the renegade to be the last one standing.

I am the Sheriff in the third game. Without knowing who are the outlaws, I decide to get the party going by opening fire. Choosing the first player to shoot is rather tricky, I am wary of targeting Travis early in the game as he would almost always hold a vendetta against someone who shoot him first. I suspect he would probably shoot me back even if we are on the same team. Targeting Malcolm, and Nicholas is also tricky, they will usually react on what they feel at that particular moment, which could be anything from eating the bullet to shooting back or even exacting revenge on the following game.

The only safe target I suspect is probably Kin, he is a rational player, who would not shoot me back if he is on my team, and there is no losses if he is not.

The game move on with Nicholas lighting up a dynamite and passing it around, hoping it explode, and Travis prancing around with his horse. For some obscure reasons Travis really loves his horses, and touching his horse is akin to an act of war which Jon discovers in a rather painful way.

The game ended with me half dead and all the outlaws dead, after my teammate Jon fired his gatling gun at everyone. Sometime the most dangerous people are your allies.