Hi Everyone!

There are a whole lot of new features coming out in this Dec 13 update, let me share them with you.

To start, we have the Blitz Mode – Six brand new maps, units would start with all their special abilities unlocked, and acumen is generated at 3 times normal speed.
These maps are designed to focus on close combat, and would typically last about 5 minutes, great for playing while on the go, or with friends.

The research system is now simplified – you would automatically gain research points as the game progress, having more outposts would speed up the process. Research points could be used to purchase new doctrines.

Best Time Record for Campaign Missions – try to break our records!

New Menus – we have upgraded our main menu to a Chinese war painting. If you ever find a need to use your iPad as a picture frame…

Universal app – we have designed a new controls scheme and user interface for the small screen, it is available for free to all our iPad players

iPhone vs iPad Multiplayer – New challengers are coming, or if you have both iPhone and iPad, just pass one device to your friend

iCloud Support
Simplified Multiplayer Match Making
Reduce memory usage for iPad 1
Increase zoom level
and more…