Wizards and Wagons

Wizards and Wagons

Icon change!

iCloud is here, you can now share your game save over various devices!

The Red Dragon cometh: We forgot to wake the Dragon from his lair, but now he threatens villages across the lands, ignore him long enough and you’ll get a request for help.

The Guild now offers greater rewards, especially for quests that require you to travel far, and the total number of quests you can take in a go increases as you help them.

The demand and prices for some goods have been tweaked and certain routes are made more profitable.

Warren may offer a quest that’ll allow you to take a shortcut between Huran and Draven.

There is no longer delay when swapping between weapons, slam your hammer onto the ground and immediately bring up your crossbow to hit your enemies while they’re still in the air.

Also various other content, tweaks and bug fixes.